Frequency Master IV, RF Meter, 1MHz to 10GHz

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  • triple spaced LCD for the simultaneous display of pulsed and non-pulsed readings
  • Big speaker - comfortable volume control via pushbuttons
  • Display of the detected radio system
  • Suitable also for 5G signals up to 10GHz
  • Coloured gradation of the readings via coloured LEDs, according to bau-biologic recommendations.
  • Selection of measuring units in mV/m or µW/m2
  • USB interface (optional available software license for longtime recordings)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (operation time up to 24 h)
  • Rugged aluminium housing, attractive design
The broadband Frequency Master IV is capable to capture the large frequency range of 1MHz to ca. 10GHz.
Therewith the previous frequency bands of the terrestrial TV, of the new digital radio, mobile phone frequencies, cordless phones, WLAN bands 2,4GHz and 5,8GHz,  Bluetooth and IEEE as well as the upcoming WIMAX bands and also some RADAR frequencies  are covered. 
Via the built-in PeakHold function, also short-term reading peaks, i.e. RADAR pulses are reliably identified. When this function is activated, the given highest reading is "frozen" in the display.
In order to meet the requirements of a large frequency range, the Frequency Master IV is shipped with two precision LogPer antennas. Besides the antenna for 900MHz up to 2.6GHz there is a second antenna for the frequency range 2.4GHz up to 11GHz.

Optionally, there is also a biconical antenna available. With this non-directional antenna a frequency range of ca. 20MHz up to 3GHz is covered.
The rugged aluminium housing contains also a big speaker, besides its heavy duty measuring electronics. Therewith, a full and detailed sound can be heard, which many customers appreciate.
The Frequency Master IV is capable - like us humans - to "hear" signals and to identify them, too! If there is a known signal present, it is identified and displayed immediately. Thus, being an unexperienced user, one is able to identify the radiation source(s) more easily.
Always the strongest signal(s) are detected and displayed. The digital DECT cordless phone of your neighbor as well as the WLAN of the internet café nearby and, of course, also mobile radio. For the analysis of UMTS (G3), there is special: A separate signal LED, which is always lit if UMTS typical WCDMA signals are detected.
The built-in rechargeable battery is designed for a very long operation time of up to 24 hours!  Thus, long-term recordings without a troublesome use of battery power packs, respectively power supplies are possible. The internal rechargeable battery is also charged just as it is connected to a computer via a USB interface cable. 
The differentiation of the radiation sources via audio analysis is standard as well as the simultaneous differentiation of pulsed and non-pulsed radiation amount.
Twelve colour graded LEDs signalize at a glance, if the reading ranges in the true sense of the word still in the "green" or already in the "red" range.
The coloured gradation was chosen according to the current bau-biologic recommendations like i.e. SBM 2008.
Via a menu the measuring units (mV/m or µW/m2) can be selected.
The Frequency Master IV has a serial and a USB interface as well as an analogue recorder output, which can be used to log the readings directly on a PC or via a printer (long-term recordings).
By an optionally available PC software further analysis and logging possibilities are given.