NF-5030 Aaronia EMF Meter and Analyzer

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Product Details

Spectrum Analyzer NF-5030 is the most popular EMF spectrum analyzer for low frequency range. Suitable for Pre-Compliance and EMC/EMI tests up to 30MHz. Affordable solution to measure electric and magnetic fields. It is equipped with Aaronia award winning REAL 3D (isotropic) magnetic sensor and a field plate sensor to measure electric fields. Simultaneously displays frequency and signal strength. Allows to detect sources of interference, find out more about their causes, determine the frequency and intensity of the signal sources, measure limits and boost the functionality by using high-end PC software. It offers a USB interface with real-time remote control to your PC or MAC. The free analyzer software, which is available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows, transforms this device in a powerful measurement solution with great features (e.g. recording, multiple window display, histogram, waterfall diagram, unlimited number of markers, enhanced limits display etc.). Includes 12Bit Dual DDC Frequency Filter. High-value aluminum carrying case and accessories are included.

NF-5030 EMF Meter and Analyzer Features:

  • Frequency Range: 1Hz - 1MHz (30MHz)
  • Typ. level range E-Field: 0,1V/m to 5.000 V/m at 50Hz
  • Typ. level range H-Field: 1pT to 500μT at 50Hz
  • Typ. level range Analog in: 200nV to 200mV / -150dBm (Hz)
  • Typ. accuracy: 3%
  • 65 MSPS
  • Superfast FFT spectrum analysis
  • High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • 3D magnetic field measurement
  • Frequency and signal strength display
  • High-resolution multi-function display
  • DIN/VDE 0848 Exposure limit calculation
  • Simultaneous M-Display X, Y, Z axes
  • True RMS signal strength measurement
  • Average (AVG) measurement
  • Internal data logger
  • Internet Flash Software-Updates
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): (260x86x23) mm
  • Weight: 420gr
  • Made in Germany, 10 years warranty