Slouch Beanie (Grey) | EMF Protection, RF Blocking, Anti-radiation hat

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EMF Beanie 


The premium quality cotton lined with RF shielding fabric make this hat / beanie a convenient way to protect your head and ears from radiation. It is super comfortable, this hood/hat is well designed for any women and men who need protection from electromagnetic radiation.

1. EMF RADIATION SHIELD FOR WOMEN AND MEN. Radia Smart Shielding Hood/Hat blocks radiation from cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, 5G, laptops 99.9% effectiveness. It is tested by accredited lab. Protect you and minimise your EMF exposure. 

2. COVER AND PROTECT YOUR HEAD AND EARS. Radia Smart shielding hood is well designed to protect your head from radio frequency (microwave/wireless) radiation from WIFI routers, cell towers, mobile and cordless phones. 

3. HIGH EFFICIENCY. Efficiency: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB). Tested by accredited lab.

4. ONE SIZE FIT IT ALL. It is well designed to fit most of women and men. The material is light elastic.

5. PEACE OF MIND. Reduce your concerns on wireless radiation from cell phones, WIFI, laptops, Bluetooth, 5G. The hood provides RF Shielding with edge to edge protection underneath the cotton polyester. 

The Radia Smart Slouch Beanie Shields:

5g-icon.png Fifth Generation Wireless ( RF Radiation)

celluar-icon.png Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)

wifi-2.png WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)

bluetooth.png Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)