SYB Tablet Pad

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Shield Your Body From Your Tablet’s Harmful Emissions.

  • Made with SaferBody™ Platinum Steel. Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 20 GHz– and also low frequency EMF– to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful radiation.
  • Triple shielding power protects you from:
    1. Wireless radiation (RF, from WiFi & Bluetooth);
    2. Low frequency-magnetic radiation (ELF-magnetic, from your device’s power supply;
    3. Heat emissions.
  • Convenient Design: Thin and portable so you can bring it wherever you go. Features anti-slip grip, and it’s easy to clean with a rag or paper towel.
  • Pad is 9.4″ x 6.6″ (23.9 x 16.7 cm) with a diagonal of 11.4″ (28.9 cm).
  • Works with all models of tablets, devices, e-readers and portable gaming systems up to 11.4″ (29 cm) diagonal.