Cyber Shield ELF/VLF/MW Protective Hardware


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This is ELF/VLF/MW protective hardware. It helps to protect against neuro attacks such as forced focus, emotional manipulation and some physical attacks. It does not stop V2K, but does break the forced focus effects to allow it to be ignored so you can focus on what you need to do. It comes with 1 shield, 9 antennas, 2 power adapters, and 1 Touch Screen.


PRODUCTION TIME:  4 - 6 weeks from date of order




The customer will need to purchase a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) unit.  Abrupt power losses will eventually break the Cyber Shield. This is very important and this equipment must be purchased by the consumer.



Domestic and International shipping costs are included in the price. Domestic orders are shipped via insured UPS Next Day Air. International orders are shipped via UPS Worldwide Express.



A 30-day trial and refund if desired.

Can be returned for the cost minus 15% restocking fee and cost of any damages within 30 days of delivery.  Shipping is not refundable.



Any claims or statements are not endorsed by the FDA. Equipment contains RF hardware that has a combined output of 9 Watts. It is designed not to interfere with normal equipment but check with local rules and regulations to ensure you may operate this device.



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1. Uninterrupted Power Supply ( UPS ) -

2. Power Inverter Car Adapter -

3. Protective Storage Case -





CYBER SHIELD TESTIMONY: Cesar Raymundo Rosas Gomez, Mexico, Sept. 27, 2022

I've been a Targeted Individual for several years (since around 2015), I have a full spectrum of attacks, both physical and mental: stiffed muscles and joints, pain to focalized areas, especially to the head, throat and stomach. Lack of concentration, mind fog, v2k, thought insertion and manipulation ...

I tried many methods of passive shielding without results. On may 23 2022, I acquired the Cyber Shield. Since the very first days I could feel a difference. At first, it was instant relief, especially in the mental part: I could focus more and be less distracted by the v2k noise.

I consider the Cyber Shield the best and most useful method today against Remote Neural Monitoring attacks. I feel my mind less in sync with their system. I can differentiate my own thoughts from those inserted. When making daily decisions, I can notice when they try to control me. I can now ignore the v2k chatterbot (that wants to engage in useless conversations all day) something that was almost impossible before.

I feel my mind is getting detached of the link they have with their system; and that's why there's days I've to endure severe punishment (mainly pain to the throat), because they know the shield is working: they have less control over me, I'm not responding to their provocations, and therefore, not participating in their feedback loop. As time goes by, I feel incremental relief, and given the results I had, I assume there will be more improvements in the future.

I wish luck to all TIs, even those government officials attacked with Havanna Syndrome, because nobody deserves this pain. Be objective and rational, you need time and persistence to feel the results.

Cesar Raymundo Rosas Gomez

TI since about 2015

Software Developer

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


CYBER SHIELD TESTIMONY: San Diego, Sept. 28, 2022

I purchased the Shield when I was at my wit’s end, ready to end it all (not my general way of thinking).  The targeting was so overwhelming, so overpowering, my shielding was not withstanding it, plus hits by weapons where I keep some animals that kept me in and out of hospitals.  So, rather than doing something negative I spoke with another TI who had purchased the Shield and was very happy with it, and then I purchased one, too.
No longer was every moment spent on shielding myself and my dogs once I got the Shield.  My Big Dog had been heavily targeted - eyesight, ears, but could now sleep in peace, no shielding needed, and I could relax in peace without the constant pain, jolts, vibrations, bone pain, eye targeting, rib pain, etcetera, that had plagued me terribly the last two years - targeted since 1989.
Now I shield every once in a while.  I still occasionally shield my head when I sleep, I keep magnets around just in case, but the world in my home is now much calmer and easier to be in.  The negative frequencies may always be there, always looking for a way in, but now I have some protection.  Life is easier, and once again pleasant.
I think I’ve had my  Shield 5 or 6 months now.  It has made a full nights sleep possible without constant pain, animals that are targeted Are able to sleep normally again.  I know some folks feel immediate retribution for their thinking, sometimes what they eat, and the Shield  can help with that, calm things down.  Life in a targeted home becomes less frenetic, once again, for the most part, comfortable.  I have other ways of shielding, but the Shield  has worked the best - a Godsend.